Skilled Legal Representation

Sexual Abuse

The Law Offices of Baer Treger LLP is regarded as a leading Southern California law firm for its representation of sexual abuse victims and survivors who we have been successfully representing for over 15 years. Because of the gravity of the epidemic that is sexual abuse, our attorneys have committed themselves and their careers to standing up for and representing those who have been let down by so many individuals and entities. We are proud of our work because we seek justice for our clients and do our part in trying to put an to end the scourge on society that is sexual abuse.

Why Our Clients Choose Baer Treger LLP

Our attorneys have long-standing reputations not just for their success and results in counties all over California, but also for their care, compassion, and access provided to our clients throughout the pendency of their cases. At Baer Treger LLP, you will be communicating with, and consulted by, our attorneys every step of the way. Our firm does not advertise on television or on the radio. We are retained by our clients because they are referred by former clients and other respected attorneys in various fields of law who need a law firm that they can trust with important cases.

Meeting The Needs Of Our Clients

Our attorneys understand that the horrors inflicted upon victims and survivors of unwanted sexual contact and abuse can have lasting impacts, even years after the heinous acts themselves have been committed. We stay informed not only on the legal issues that impact your case but also on the medical issues involved with how the abuse impacts the life of a sexual abuse survivor. Moreover, we listen to our clients because our cases necessarily are about our clients, first and foremost. The pain is theirs. The suffering is theirs. While we go to great lengths to take the fight to the wrongdoers, we also pride ourselves on our empathetic approach to what we view as an eminently important job. Our attorneys will remain side by side with you to protect you, advocate for you, and, at times, assist you in getting the help you may need, even after your case has concluded.

Pursuing Justice For Our Clients

Our clients can rest assured that they will be represented by attorneys at Baer Treger LLP who have no fear when it comes to bringing cases against individuals and entities of both means and power. We have successfully represented victims of sexual abuse against Fortune 500 companies, national conglomerates, school districts, religious institutions, and individual perpetrators who would be considered power brokers by many. Backing down is not in our attorneys’ DNA. We know how important our fight is because we represent clients who have gone through and continue to go through such immense suffering. Our attorneys also are of the mindset that only through vigorous representation of our clients can we force those who do have the power to enact change to act in ways that prevent sexual abuse in the future by never turning a blind eye to it again.

What To Do Next

If you or a loved one has been a victim of harassment or sexual violence at school, work, in a healthcare facility, massage spa, religious institution, in a sports program, by a Boy Scout leader, while in foster care, or in any other program entrusted with your or a loved one’s safety, please realize that there is hope. Our sexual abuse attorneys are here to ensure that no stone goes unturned in the pursuit of justice. We immerse ourselves in our work, protect our clients, and litigate with the vigor that your case deserves so that you can get both the peace of mind and compensation that you deserve. Our attorneys are here for you to consult and to help you move forward with your civil action. For legal advice, please call us at (310) 226-7570.